Zippy Skirts Styling Tips - Part 1: Styling & Colour

Posted on 30 June 2015

Have you wondered why your rock in some colours and look sick in others?

What colours suit and flatter you will depend on your skin tone (whether you have cool or warm skin tone).  Do you look better in cool toned clothes (more blue) or warm tones (more orange)?

A quick and easy way to find out your natural skin tone is to look at your wrists - do you veins look more blue? blue veins means you have cool toned skin.  Warm toned skin have veins that appear more green. 

To develop your knowledge further, place a range of different coloured clothes next to your face and using a mirror see how different colours make u look - vibrant, washed out, pale, weird.  Enjoy!

If you to know more why not book in with us for Zippy styling session - http://www.zippyskirts.com.au/pages/zippy-style-sessions


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