Zippy Skirts Styling Tips - What Body Shape are you?

Posted on 12 November 2015

 What body shape are you?

Whatever shape you are, choose styles that skim your curves - not too tight, not too loose - show your curves and choose styles that flatter your natural shape.

Straight / Rectangle: Straight- line body shape without wide hips; Your shoulders, bust and hips are around the same size. You likely have slender arms and legs – show them off. Proportionally dress the top and bottom of your body while enhancing your waist. TRY:

  • Emphasising your curves wearing firm fitting clothing
  • Create a waist by adding a belt.

Triangle/Pear: Hips are biggest measurement; hips are wider than bust and shoulders and waist is defined.

Enhance and add focus and volume (or the illusion of volume) to upper body while emphasizing waist. Try:

  • Large V or U neck tops with cropped jackets that sit above hips
  • Dark pants and skirts

Hourglass: Shoulders, bust and hips are similar size; bust and hips are well balanced with defined waist.

Show off your curves with close fitting clothes - balancing top and bottom while accentuating your waist. TRY:

  • Scooped and V neck tops that sit on waist
  • Belts over shirts and dresses to show off your waist

Inverted Triangle: Largest measurement is bust and or shoulders with slim hips.

Emphasize lower body while making upper body softer - choose clothes that add curves to your hips and bottom while creating a more defined waist. TRY:

  • V neck and open neckline tops – including strapless, asymmetrical & empire waist tops
  • Large belts

Oval: Waist is larger than bust or hips; large bust with full waist, narrow hips and slender legs.

De-emphasize your midsection and create a more defined waist. Choose clothing that adds curves and fullness to your lower body and tops that taper to waist or hip. TRY:

  • Wide and deep V-neckline tops, semi-fitted or loose and drapey
  • Straight skirts

 Diamond: Waist is widest area; hips are wider than bust and shoulders

De-emphasize your midsection while creating a waist and add volume and focus to shoulders. Chooses clothing that adds curves and fullness to your upper body while choosing pants and skirts that lengthen your lower body. TRY:

  • Low neckline tops in soft loose materials with capped and puffed sleeves
  • Dark coloured pants and skirts

Have fun with it and get creative!  If you need help pr want more information on your body shape book in for a Personal Style Session with emailing support@zippyskirts.com

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