What size am I?

The Regular-fit Australian made Zippy Skirt will will brush your curves creating a classic straight skirt silhouette.  The Slim-fit Zippy skirt is the same design while being narrower at the hips.  Both skirts can be worn tighter by going down 1 size.  Both skirt length's are adjustable by adjusting waistband; folding down waistband or wearing on the hips for a longer length when required (ie. when you're on a plane, train or bus to increase leg cover), or wear waistband folded up or pulled up for a shorter length.   Zip-on panel accessories are 1 size fits all skirts. All measurements below are in cm

What size is best for you?

Step 1 - Take your body measurements following our measuring guide above

Step 2 - Find your size.  Which skirt - Regular fit or Slim fit is best for your body measurements?  Slim-fit is best for narrow hips

Step 3 - If you want a tighter fit, go down 1 size in both skirts.  A tighter fit will be more snug and sit a little shorter; sitting firm and following your curves. 

Zippy Skirts has been designed to fit a wide range of body shapes and sizes:

  • Skirt fabric is a two way stretch that comfortably stretches to fit most shapes and sizes. Fabric thickness provides the stability to wrap around your body while hiding bumps. Fabric stretchiness provides the comfort and versatility to be worn in multiple ways
  • Versatile waistband design stretches around your body for improved comfort and can be worn two ways 1) folded down 2) worn up (as a high waisted skirt or extended boob tube as top)
  • The snug waistband holds you waist firm; incredibly flattering while creating elegant smooth lines

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