How To Wear

Watch this movie to see how Zippy Skirts works - how to wear - and why it is the best black skirt for work and travel:

    Zipping-on accessories is quick and easy:

    1. Locate hidden zip in skirt waistband

    2. Holding zip-ends together (skirt and accessory zip-ends) insert the 'accessory' zip-end to the 'skirt' zip-end (as shown below in top two images)

    3. Gently pull the skirt zip-slider along the accessory zip to zip together (as shown below in bottom two images)

    You can then fold down the waistband to cover zips or leave up (flat, sitting higher on your waist).

    The waistband worn flat creates a smooth waistline, creating the appearance of sucking in the tummy area - which many women love (flattering and comfortable).

    You decide where your waistband sits; pull up higher on your waist for a shorter skirt look or pull waistband down to your hips for a longer skirt look.  Wear it your way!

    • Wear as skirt or strapless top
    • Versatile, comfortable and easy to style
    • Zip-on accessories to change your look 
    • Adjustable skirt length
    • Saves time
     For more ways to wear click here

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