Regular Fit v’s Sexy Fit

You decide how you want your skirt to fit; choose regular fit for a classic look that creates a straight skirt silhouette (generally best for office/more conservative work environments). Choose sexy fit for a tighter look that sits firm on your curves (generally best for travel).  Keep in mind that 1) skirt fabric stretches 20% (both fits are super comfortable) & 2) Skirt waistband can be worn flat (not folded down) and pulled down to wear on your hips for a longer skirt look when required (ie. when you're on a plane, train or bus to increase leg cover).

The main differences explained…. 

Skirt shape

Regular fit – classic straight skirt silhouette (‘pencil’ skirt)

Sexy Fit – skirt silhouette follows your curves (sits firmer on your curves)

Skirt tightness

Regular fit – brushes your curves (a little roomier)

Sexy Fit – sits tighter (but not clinging) to your curves

Skirt length

Regular fit – sits approximately 5 cm above knee

Sexy Fit – sits shorter on your legs; 5-8cm above knee depending how much the fabric is needing to stretch across the body. The more the fabric stretches width ways, the shorter the length will be.

Skirt waistline

Regular fit - designed to sit below belly button

Sexy Fit – likely to sit around belly button

NOTE: given skirt material stretches up to 20%, you decide where you want waistband to sit; pull up higher for a mini skirt look, pull down for a longer skirt look.  Wear it your way!


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