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Sizing examples

Zippy Skirts looks great on a wide range of body shapes and sizes. The image below shows three ladies wearing Zippy Skirts 'Premium Skirt' in 3 different sizes in a regular fit (classic pencil skirt silhouette). 

We’ve provided the ladies measurements below as well as their fit and size preference to help you select your size...

Size XXS/XS person A - On far left measures bust 82cm, Waist 68cm, Hip 94cm. Person A falls in-between XXS and XS. She fits XS as a regular fit  and XXS as a sexy fit. She doesn’t like it too tight at the hips and therefore prefers the XS Regular fit so she can wear as skirt and top for work and play.

Size S/M person B - In centre measures bust 97cm, Waist 75cm, Hip 97cm.  Person B falls in-between S and M for regular fit and S & XS for sexy fit. She has a large bust and small hips. Person B doesn’t like it too tight across the hips. She prefers the sexy fit of S worn as a skirt or top for work, travel and fun.

Size L/XL person C - On far right measures bust 102cm, Waist 90cm, Hip 110cm. Person C is in-between L and XL for regular fit and L and M for sexy fit. She prefers the overall fit of L as she prefers a sexy tighter fit.

After taking your body measurements, we recommend:

  1. First choose skirt size which would fit your best as a regular fit
  2. Go down a size if you want skirt to fit a little tighter and sexier 

NOTE on sexy fit: If you go down two skirt sizes for sexy fit, the skirt may pull at hips. Skirt fabric can stretch up to 20% more than garment measure; BUT the more the fabric needs to stretch around your body the more likely the fabric will pull at your hips and the shorter your skirt will sit on your legs.  We recommend going down only 1 size for sexy fit.

Buy Zippy Skirts with confidence on-line. Zippy Skirts has been designed & developed with the on-line shopper in mind for on-line. Zippy Skirts combines innovative design with stretchy fabrics to enable skirts to fit a wide range of body shapes and sizes (without having to try-on).

It's always skirt season!


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