Personal Styling Services

Suffering from a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear?

Great Style is achieved by discovering styles that bring out the best in your body, personality and confidence while flattering your unique shape - no matter what age, size, budget or weight!  

Zippy Personal Styling will teach you:
  • What styles flatter your unique shape
  • How to create a wardrobe full of garments that you’ll love to wear
  • How to be the one who gets noticed because you rock that outfit!
  • How to be the one who people gravitate toward. Looking and feeling great makes you stand taller and be more confident - which acts as a magnet 
  • To be the stand-out candidate for a job because you know how to dress to impress 

"I'm a qualified stylist, designer and life coach and I know how to help you look and feel like the stylish inspired women you can be. I will provide you with recommendations to minimize your body shape challenges, MAXIMISE YOUR ASSETS and bring out your personal style"  - Chalisa Morrison, Zippy Skirts owner

Fashion is constantly changing just like like your shape changes as you age…  Which means finding suitable styles to wear can be frustrating and costly. We’ve all been there – right? Whether at home or in a dressing room, trying on countless outfits trying to find something which makes you look and feel fantastic? What a waste of time and energy!

Zippy Personal Styling Services:

Style Consultation

This is where it all begins - In this 1 hour session, I will find out what is important to you, so I can guide you towards the style and image you want to portray - an image that is driven by who you are and what’s important to you. This is the perfect way for me to get all the information to style you, as the best version of yourself, staying in line with your lifestyle and of course budget.

  • Discover what YOUR style is
  • Gain clarity on how you want to be perceived & what your image is saying about you
  • Identify your body shape and assets
  • Identify your style challenges


The Wardrobe review - Like most of us, you will have clothes in your wardrobe that you NEVER wear? Did you know that most of us only wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time? Imagine opening your wardrobe each morning, knowing its full of options that work for you, that make you feel great! A wardrobe review is the perfect way to identify what pieces in your wardrobe best suit your body shape and those items that just don’t cut it anymore. You will be trying on your current clothing in this review to create new outfits, then working together we will cleanse! I will then identify what is missing and what items we need to shop for to bring everything together.

  • You will learn why garments work for you and why they don't
  • Gain clarity on what to keep & what to throw
  • Figure out the missing gaps in your wardrobe & create a mission list


Shopping Session - When you’re in alignment with what looks and feels good on you, then you’ll love what you wear and how you feel.. and when you love it, you’ll wear it. Simple right? Armed with the knowledge from our consult and mission list from our wardrobe review we hit the shops to find the key pieces missing from your wardrobe. Filling the missing gaps with pieces that suit your lifestyle and body shape is the key to creating ta stylish and versatile wardrobe we all long for. I can tailor a shopping session to your needs anywhere from the finding a few of those missing key pieces, sourcing good quality basics, to a full wardrobe overhaul. The result? Look great, feel amazing & finally have something to wear all the time

  • Learn simple and effective rules of style and accessorising
  • Discover what styles & colours are most flattering on you
  • Show you how to create a versatile wardrobe that suits your lifestyle
  • I will teach you how to shop strategically and make smart purchases within your budget
  • Create new looks that work for you and your shape
  • Create new looks that work for your body shape, lifestyle and budget 


Wardrobe Integration - Now that we have cleansed your wardrobe and bought you the missing pieces, it’s time to mix the old with the new to maximize and create as many new looks as possible, while learning how to easily mix & match to empower you to take the stress and guess work out of getting dressed every morning!

  • Learn how to take your outfits from day to night and weekday to weekend
  • The outfits we create in the wardrobe integration can be photographed for your reference so you remember how to recreate all your new looks!

You will walk away with an abundance of knowledge to shop and dress with confidence in the future - to find clothes that make you look and feel amazing, while learning how to shop smarter, saving you time, effort, money & stress ! Give yourself this special gift for you – confidence, empowerment, a little pampering and personalised style!

Contact us today to discuss your personal styling needs - support@zippyskirts.com or by phone on 0422 0377 099 (within Australia).

Styling Services start at $120 for an essential style session or $220 for 2 hours.  Learn one-on-one how to understand what works for you and why, shopping in stores that suit your lifestyle, budget and personal style. Services include one-on-one personal styling in stores, group styling sessions, wardrobe edits and personal styling packages. Personal styling packages are custom-made based on your needs, wants, goals and budget.

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